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Toyota Sound Pressure Level Competition Hatchback

            Sound Pressure Level (S.P.L.) competition became a large event for many car stereo enthusiasts.  Plethora of people desired vehicles that would create a hefty pressure level for a small amount of equipment and install labor cost.  One of these driven customers contacted me for an install of four subwoofers and two 750 watt amplifiers with requirements of 150db results.  I accepted this challenge and provided a ported enclosure for the customer.

            The install would be located into a small Toyota hatchback with many rust holes and a lack of being able to be a completely sealed interior air space without a large amount of extra labor.  A single large enclosure design was chosen for a higher possibility of S.P.L. creation with a low amount of subs.  The stereo install was quoted for a two day custom install.  This time period would only allow for a labor and mind intensive experience. 

            Fabrication of the enclosure initiated at the measurement of the back seat and trunk space, which will provide the mounting position for the enclosure.  The choice of using a sideways U with two subs mounted stacked perpendicular from the floor of the car on each arm of the U facing towards the inner portion of the automobile.  This configuration will allow for the reflection of pressure from the front of the sub off the first rear of the enclosure towards the front of the car.  The subwoofers were mounted only one deep to reduce pressure cancellation.  The actual rear of the enclosure was fabricated so that it could be adjusted for accurate distance from the microphone.  Fiberglass and medium density fiberboard provided unsurpassed versatility to the fabrication of the enclosure around the inner body panels of the car. 

            Following the initial fabrication of the front portion of the enclosure, the tuning needed to be complete.  The rear of the enclosure allowed for wall movement for frequency tuning.  80 Hz range was chosen due to the size of the vehicle and the resonance of fiberglass.  The distance was chosen to be around 72 inches, similar to other personaly designed S.P.L. vehicles.  The response of the stereo system surpassed the 150db.  The high pressure was acceptable to me and the customer.

            The Installation was carpeted with black trunk liner.  Amplifier, batteries, capacitors, and connections inhabited the rear of the car behind the rear portion of the enclosure.  The install was complete in two days.  Over a period of time the car started to deter ate due to vibration.  Sadly the possible pressure results decreased.  If the owner sealed the interior of the vehicle, it may surpass the 150 db mark with positive results.


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