Education Choices and Accomplishments

            Choices and accomplishments of education can provide a highly noted experience of the fork in the road.  A left hand choice on this fork may provide a promising direction compared to the right hand choice and vice versa.  History of my education choices will be covered, to the best of my knowledge, in this divulsion from my memory.  Optimistically, the accounts of promising and faltered choices have provided a well rounded result which will provide knowledge and capability in the future.  Educational choices lead amazing and interesting accomplishments to further knowledge in a correct manner for future endowment.

            Northmont high school was the first ninth through twelfth educational institution attended and completed in 1994.  Tenth grade level provided an opportunity for a choice that provided an intense alteration to high school education.  Miami Valley Career Technology Center , M.V.C.T.C, formerly named Joint Vocational School , J.V.S, offered the opportunity to acquire skills and possible job opportunity after Northmont high school graduation.  Completion of the Secondary Certificate of Completion in 1994 Electronics Program was chosen for the junior and senior grade level.  Achievement of the M.V.C.T.C. program provided some awards during conclusion of the curriculum including the Principalís Award of Excellence, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, V.I.C.A, participation, and Miami Valley Career Technology Center Endorsement. 

Associates of Science in Engineering Science

            Sinclair Community College , S.C.C, was chosen to be the next addition to my education with an Associate in Automation and Control, A&C.  Fall, 1999, was the first quarter attended at S.C.C., part-time attendance of Developmental Reading and Fundamentals of Arithmetic was complete with an acceptable, only provided, grape level of Pass, P.  Due to some commerce issues provided by the institution, re-registration was placed on hold for a few years.

            Winter, 2003, allowed for a concentrated dedication into an anticipated completion of the A&C course, at S.C.C., by attending full time. Five classes were complete with Deanís List Completion and excellent grades.  Eighteen credit hours were complete by attending Fundamental Mechanical Skills, Robotics in SIM Systems, English Composition One, Direct Current Circuits, and Intro to Algebra.  Completion of these courses provided a drive to continue with education in spring.

            Spring, 2003, provided further opportunity for new classes to be complete for the A&C program.  Five more classes were complete with a total of sixteen credit hours.  Alternating Currents Circuits, Computer Programming in Engineering Technology, Machine Vision, Elementary Algebra, and English Composition Two were finished with a 3.37 Term GPA out of  a possible 4.0.  Summer quarter in addition will provide more desired mathematics and English courses.

            Summer, 2003, permitted only a small amount of required classes to be complete.  Interpersonal Communication, Intermediate Algebra, and English Composition three were the only three classes able to be complete during this term.  A Deanís completion was achieved with a perfect 4.0 Term GPA.  Further completion of courses provided an increase in anticipation of increased levels of education in mathematics and electronic courses.

            Fall, 2003, expelled new opportunities for further mathematic advancement.  Term accumulative class completion provided an additional four courses and fifteen credit hours to the A&C degree.  Deanís List award was acquired with a Term GPA of 3.8 out of possible 4.0.  Completion of Discrete Electronics, College Algebra, Search for Utopia, and Karel Robot Programming excreted knowledge for a continuous need for educational desires.

            Winter, 2004, opened a one year anniversary for attending full time at Sinclair Community College .  Trigonometry, Digital Electronics, General Psychology One, Engineering Technological Economics, and Industrial Machine Wiring provided sixteen additional credit hours for the A&C Associate degree.  Deanís List was acquired with a Term GPA of 3.75 compared to a possible 4.0.  Trigonometry introduced more challenging information which dropped my final grade one level from previous mathematical courses.

            Spring, 2004, offered an intense introduction to a prospective turning point of my degree choice.  Completion of the Calculus and Analytical Geometry was the final mathematical portion of the course needed to accomplish A&C degree.  Nervous thought provided a drive to complete the course with perfection in mind.  Additional course completion of Fluid Power and Control, Programmable Logic Controller, Handling Tool and Teach Pendant Programming, and Electrical Machinery allowed for an additional Deanís List award and a Term GPA of 3.73 out of 4.0.  Completion of the Calculus and Analytical Geometry mathematical course provided an important alteration to the A&C career choice.  Calculus was considered to be the most difficult course of the A&C degree program; completion provided a career path change.  A degree of a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering became the new educational goal.  This degree would be completed at Wright State University with the initial achievement of Associate of Engineering Science, A.E.S, completed at Sinclair Community College .

            Summer, 2004, introduced a new curriculum involving A.E.S. courses.  Calculus and Analytical Geometry Two, General Chemistry One, and General Chemistry Two through a full time mathematics course and two Chemistry accelerated courses provided a draining education load.  This quarter lowered my GPA cumulative average to a disappointing 3.62 in comparison to an achievable 4.0.  The summer introduced a disappointing feeling of personal digression below stable educational possibilities.

            Fall, 2004, Calculus and Analytical Geometry Three attendance resulted in the only withdrawal ever acted upon the complete attendance during my college attendance.  Calculus and Analytical Geometry Three was attended in addition to Comparing Cultures, and General Physics One.  Deanís List was acquired with a Term GPA of 4.0.  Following the degrading summer and lack of desire for mathematics due to the withdrawal, one quarter of mathematics will be sacrificed for recovery.

            Winter, 2005, powered in General Physics Two, Art Appreciation Introduction, Computer Automation Design and Print Reading Introduction into personal tool box.  Completion of these courses introduced an additional Deanís List award with a Term GPA of 3.5.  Relaxation, from mathematics, provided a needed breakaway time from a difficult subject.  Calculus and Analytical geometry three will be endured and conquered the following quarter. 

            Spring, 2005, interestingly provided challenges by two difficult courses.  One of the courses provided familiar information attempted in a previous quarter.  Calculus and Analytical Geometry Three, General Physics Three, and Beginning Pilates forwarded my education past a disappointing withdrawal and reincorporated familiar drive for information regarding mathematics.  Deanís List was acquired with a term GPA of 3.58. 

            Summer, 2005, allowed for completion of Calculus and Analytical Geometry four-term course.  Additional mathematics courses based off of the four-term sequence will be complete in the next attended educational quarter. 

            Fall, 2005, opportunely shared paired course offering of Differential Equations and Elements of Linear Algebra.  Additionally, General Psychology One was offered.  Deanís List award was presented with an earned 3.42 Term GPA.  Completion of the quarter ended my associateís mathematics requirement for graduation. 

            Winter, 2006, intellectually provided further insight into upcoming transfer to Wright State University for initiation of anticipated Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and completion of the Associate of Science in Engineering Science at Sinclair Community College .  Important classes requiring completion included Intro Computer Aided Design Concepts, Survey of African History, Engineering Mechanics One, and General Psychology Two.  Additionally, Deanís List was acquired with a Term GPA of 3.77.

            Spring, 2006, quarter completed my attendance at Sinclair Community College and a reward of an Associate degree in Science for Engineering was presented after completion of the quarter.  Attendance completed with the achievement of Engineering Mechanics Two, Engineering in Problem Solving ďCĒ, and Strength of Materials.  Strength of materials was a consortium from Sinclair Community College to and at Wright State University .  Completion of the last quarter provided a final graduating Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.61 and graduation with honors, on the Deanís List, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering



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