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  Displayed low charge includes the products and installation of one: Bathtub, Bathtub/Shower walls, Bathtub/Shower Faucet, and painting of bathroom; all of the products included are specified with *.



Bathtub/Shower Walls*

Bathtub/Shower Faucet*


Paint Bathroom*

Insurance Coverage*1

New Bathtub, Bathtub Drain, Bathtub/Shower Walls, and Bathtub/Shower Faucet installation replaced the original equipment.  The bathtub and 3-piece shower walls are water resistant compression molded composite material with molded-in color and a natural easy to clean gloss surface.  The composite material will provide increased protection against mold and mildew.  New shower faucet installation will additionally provide protection for children and elderly people by an optional integrated adjustable max temperature and a variable pressure regulator, for sudden temperature increases including a flush of a toilet.

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  • *BT-3036 RH Veritec Bathtub 60X30 Bisque/Bone/White
  • *BA-3036 Veritec Bathtub Alcove Wall set Bisque/Bone/White
  • *Moen L82383 Shower/Bathtub Faucet
  • *Moen Brass Adjustable Bathtub Drain
  • *Installation products of installers choice only unless mutually agreed upon
  • *Completion of the Installation requires approximately five business days
  • *Price may vary due to change of installed products, existing structural damage, or presence of mold
  • *Ordering equipment requires prepayment of the materials through use of a mutual contract and three week order time
  • *One year installation warranty coverage
  • *Promotion expires June 20th 2011
  • *1Insurance will provide additional protection for the house during the installation process completed by the installer

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